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Sunday, 25 January 2009

Cheap Laptop Insurance - A Recession Essential

No one in the UK can have escaped the fact that we are now well in the midst of recession. It seems to be the only thing we hear about on the news these days, and the phrase "the current economic climate" is certainly getting well used.

What does the recession mean for laptop owners? Well, in a recession many people will sadly lose their jobs through redundancy, earnings go down, and people generally struggle to pay bills and buy the essentials. It is an unfortuante fact, but history shows us that in a recession, more people turn to crime. Theft will increase as described in this article in the Telegraph. Laptop computers are an easy target for thieves, due to their inherent portability and the fact that they are widely carried by business people in public places, like train stations, cities and so on.

To reduce the risk of theft, ensure that you carry your laptop discretely. Don't use a traditional laptop bag as these are immediately obvious to a thief, and as they are carried on the shoulder a lot easier to swipe. Instead, hide it away in a secure laptop back pack.

You cannot completely eliminate the risk of theft of your laptop, so take out laptop insurance as well. Cheap Laptop Insurance provide a low cost, maximum cover laptop insurance policy - so your pocket is protected in a recession, as well as your laptop. We promise to provide you with a replacement laptop within 48 hours of a claim being made (as per our terms and conditions). With policies starting from just £5 a month for cover against theft, accidental damage, water damage and up to 60 days overseas usage per year, make sure that you recession proof your laptop.

Thursday, 18 December 2008

Laptop insurance for schools

Many schools now have excellent IT facilities - usually including several desk top and laptop computers. A quick search on the internet for "laptop stolen from school" brings up many examples of when this has happened. Just one recent story is this one, describing a laptop theft from Muirhouse School.
"THIEVES have broken into yet another local school and stolen a laptop.

During the latest break-in, which happened at Muirhouse Primary School, Motherwell, on Saturday afternoon, a window was smashed and the portable computer nicked from one of the classrooms."

You can take measures to reduce the impact of laptop theft from schools, such as increasing security, using locks to attach the computers to fixed objects, or ensuring that the building is alarmed.

Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent a determined thief if they really want to steal your computer. However, you can buy laptop insurance for schools from Cheap Laptop Insurance.

Please contact us at Cheap Laptop Insurance to discuss your insurance needs - we can offer greatly discounted prices for multiple computers, and we can insure both laptop and desktop PC's.

Saturday, 29 November 2008

Cheap Student Insurance for Laptops

Students are at high risk of laptop theft. A recent survey shows that almost 90% of students today own a laptop, however only a third of these are actually using their laptops portably. Around 66% of students refuse to bring their laptops onto campus, and the main reason for this is the risk of theft.

This means that many university students do not get to use the full university computing facilities - such as wireless network, library access, printing - just because they are afraid of theft.

There are several measures that students can take to protect themselves from laptop theft:

  • Carry your computer discretely - don't use a standard laptop bag as it is a sign to thieves
  • Use a laptop lock, for example as made by Kensington
  • Buy student laptop insurance - this won't stop the laptop theft, but at least you can quickly and easily get a replacement laptop